• Bedtime Routine
  • Morning Routine
  • Beginner/Back at it Workout Routine
  • Skincare Routine
  • Monthly Beauty/Upkeep Routine
  • New Health(ier) Version Recipe
  • List of Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas
  • List of Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas
  • List of Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas
  • Current Books to Read List + Timeline
  • Hair Care Routine
  • Current Favorites (beauty/hair/fashion)
  • Current Fitness Favorites
  • List of favorite motivational/inspirational quotes
  • Pet Post/Shopping Splurge on Pet
  • Update/add to list of healthy snacks
  • Couch Potato Workout Video
  • Tips/Ways I’m going to start saving more money
  • Perfume Collection
  • Storage Tips/Current Storage Hacks I’m using
  • 10 healthy habits I’m going to hold myself accountable to do
  • Create an Inspo/Mood board
  • Bucket list of FREE things to do in my free time
  • List of favorite TV shows
  • A few nice thing I’ve done & am proud of
  • FREE ways to remind loved ones how much they mean to me/reach out to some that I haven’t spoken to in some time


This list is in NO specific order. Challenging myself to write a blog post EVERY day for the rest of the month! This is the list of topics I will be writing about. Comment below if you’re especially excited for any certain one (or few)!



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