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Owen Overload


my reminder


there’s absolutely no exaggeration when I say I wouldn’t have made it through 2016 without him. he was a constant reminder that no matter how emotionally tired i get from fighting my clinical anxiety & depression, i have a purpose.. even if it’s just being his momma.

we don’t save them,
they save us.
& my Owen Bowen definitely saved me.

Vet Visit

Owen made himself comfortable on Austin’s shoulders on the way to the vet, haha!

 When I was given Owen when he was around 8 weeks old by someone who rescued him, they told me he had been vaccinated and was up to date on everything. That person later found out that Owen actually had never once been to the vet and a year later I am just now getting him his kitten vaccinations.

When I took him to get a check up a couple days after receiving him, I found out he had an upper respiratory infection so he had to take antibiotics to get rid of it.

The second time I took him I was going to get him tested for everything to make sure he was healthy but the same thing happened again! Very frustrating because I was insanely busy at the time and wasn’t able to make another appointment for awhile. I called and made him a few appointments between then and now, but something always came up. I finally called and made him another one last week, where he was supposed to get his first vaccinations and neutered all in the same day! Well come to find out that when I get there, the person I talked to at the Vet on the phone had misinformed me about what my options were. Since Owen had never even had his kitten shots, he would be at high risk at catching a fatal disease if I left him there for the day to get neutered and he was around other cats. So of course, I said “helllllllll no”. Instead, we just went ahead and gave him his first round of kitten vaccinations, & in 3 weeks we go back & get his 2nd. THEN I can finally get him neutered and he will be up to date!

I am ALL for adopting animals. Only way I see myself when owning more animals in the future, is if I adopt them. Be careful when adopting though, and try to get as much information as possible about them so you can keep or get them as healthy as possible! I love my Owen way too much for him to get sick because the person he was rescued from was not truthful!!!

Insane Artist


I got the chance to get to know Stephen through the local gym that I train at. He was the fitness director there for a few months and definitely helped my local clientele grow! He would post detailed daily workouts on the gym wall with demonstrations of exercises shown through drawings of people. From that I gathered he was a great artist, but I didn’t know HOW great he was until he showed me some of his personal work. I was blown away! Check it out for yourself at !

I asked if he would draw me (jokingly), but he did any way! I LOVE that he captured my life in both pictures! Cats and fitness! hahaha! Thanks Stephen!!

Follow him on IG too! @its_little_bobby

FullSizeRender (7)

Owen turned 1!

I can’t believe my sweet boy is 1 already!

Funny Facts about Owen:

  1. He will ONLY drink from the faucet or toilet.
  2. If he wants to go outside, he scratches the furniture to let me know. That is the ONLY time he scratches the furniture.
  3. The second my alarm goes off in the morning, he jumps on my chest and starts to purr. He makes it WAY harder to get out of the bed in the morning.
  4. I give him wet cat food every morning (dry cat food through out the rest of the day), so right when I get out of bed he darts to the kitchen and waits for me to follow.
  5. I can’t shut a door unless he is in the room with me. He “has” to have access to me at all times (haha).


What are some funny facts about your cats?! Comment below!