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15 Food Substitutions for Weight Loss

Choose THIS healthier option instead of THAT when cooking up your favorite meals!

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7 Healthy Foods to Keep Stocked

To stay on track with your fitness goals, stocking up on these foods is a MUST.

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10 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss

  1. Skip the diet. Just eat healthy & make better choices.
  2. Find a workout (or trainer) you love. It will make exercising each day less of a drag.
  3. Find a “wind down” or “stress reliever” routine to do at the end of each day. Set a time where you do it every night, then get in bed right after. Sleeping more is major.
  4. Know that it’s okay to be a little hungry.
  5. When you eat, focus ONLY on eating. Overeating happens when you’re distracted.
  6. Protein, Produce, Plant-based fats (avocados, nuts, plant oils).
  7. The answer is always water. Hungry? Water. Headache? Water. Hungover? Water.
  8. Drink at least 8oz of water when you first wakeup.
  9. No eating 2.5 to 3 hours before bed.
  10. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach & always have a prepared grocery list before shopping. Sticking to your list will help you stay away from junk food & impulse buys.



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Cinnamon Apple Slices

Perfect sweet tooth cravings!


  • -Fresh Apples
  • -Cinnamon


  1. Slice apples into even pieces, then place them in a large zip lock bag.
  2. To your liking, add as much cinnamon needed to coat every apple piece when done.
  3. Once cinnamon is added, tightly seal the zip lock bag and shake until cinnamon is evenly distributed among apple pieces.