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Kindness is cool

if you ever come across someone that feels the need to body shame others, please be aware of the fact that they are actually the one who feels ashamed of their own body. they can say they aren’t jealous of whomever it is they were degrading or that they aren’t envious at all… but in order to have THAT intense of a feeling to where they feel it’s necessary to shame someone else, there is something wrong deep down.
who are they to say what is “beautiful” or “attractive”?!
what’s beautiful is that each of us are blessed to be alive right now.
what’s beautiful is that each of us are blessed with so many unique qualities, gifts, quirks, & passions.
what’s beautiful is someone that is truly happy and unapologetic about who they are.
my muscle freak you out? you think I look like a man? or that I’m too skinny? too ugly?
well guess what baby doll, my ugly skinny muscular self still thinks that you are amazing just the way you are.. despite what you think about me.
kindness is kooooooool y’all! how awesome would our world be if everyone realized how k0o0ol kindness is!
Dress is from HelloMollyFashion

LushFox Midi Dress


I discovered Lush Fox on Instagram a few months ago and have been in love with their shop ever since! All of the clothes I’ve bought from there are comfortable, good quality, and affordable (I got this dress on sale).

I LOVE this Coral Pink “Catlina Midi” dress, but it is a little more revealing than I thought it would be. I don’t think I could ever feel comfortable showing that much side boob in public.. but more power to those who could! haha

This dress is still on sale for $29!  Even if you’re like me and not comfortable revealing that much side boob, but you are smaller in the bust area, I think this would look amazing on you!

On Sale: Catlina Midi Dress



My style has stayed simple since before I can remember. I’m not big on patterns or crazy textures. Other people can pull them off but I have never been comfortable wearing them!

I bought this dress for around $10 at Forever 21, and bought these boots for $20 during Charlotte Russe’s Black Friday sale! Simple, affordable, & sexy.. my favorite way to go 🙂




Photographer: Greg S. Corradino

KJ Style Boutique


For my 23rd birthday I wore this adorable “Elle” dress from ! I am in love with all of their dresses! I will definitely be buying many more from them. Check them out on Instagram: @kjstyleboutique

Hair & Makeup by Me!


Reef Boutique

okay so not only is this dress from Reef Boutique (IG: @reefboutiquecollegetown) adorable/comfy/perfect for summertime, but I HAVE to brag on the company really quick.
the dress that I had originally picked out got stolen from my front porch when it had been delivered (because I made a dumb mistake & forgot to make sure someone had to sign for the package). this was obviously not Reef Boutique’s mistake or problem at all.. But they were SO sweet when I told them & they sent me this dress! You can’t get better service than that.
check out their adorable boutique! everything is SO cute!