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Client Transformation!

Read Niki's story about the ups & downs of her weightloss journey, support along the way + new friends made, & the lifestyle change she's forever thankful for.

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Jessica Sparks- Online Client


This is a different transformation than what many of you are used to seeing.

One of my online clients, Jessica Sparks (IG: @jesss_sparks) didn’t want to lose weight.. she wanted to tone up. Look at that amazing progress, & can’t help but look at those booty gains! SO proud of you.

Many of you might see this as “thin” but need I remind you that ALL of our bodies are different. We will not look the same when we are at an ideal and healthy weight! She is lean and FIT with the help of my online training program and meal guideline💕

testimonial from @jesss_sparks :
“after losing some unwanted weight I struggled to figure out what workouts work best for me and what I’m wanting to accomplish. I struggled with just running constantly on a treadmill and felt lean but never toned. with just 4 weeks of this program I feel stronger and more toned than ever before. and it’s amazing to think I did it all at home! thank you Dalis, for finally showing me how to productively workout and helping me get one step closer to the goals I want for myself! 😘”


Erika Birk- Online Client


one of my clients that I train locally in the gym, Erika Birk (IG: @ekabirk)

Starting weight was 149lbs & is currently 139lbs.
SO proud of you. More than happy that I can be apart of your fitness journey and that you’ve trusted in me to be your trainer. You look amazing girl and I can’t wait to see where you are at in another couple of months!
testimonial from @ekabirk :
“It’s easier to keep going when seeing progress. I didn’t only notice a difference in my body but also my attitude, overall I just felt better about myself and can’t wait to keep going! Dalis is so helpful and easy to talk to with any questions that I had through my journey. Shes been my fitspiration for I don’t know how long now and truly loves what she does which makes the process that much more encouraging. Thank you Dalis for all you do 😘”
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Colby Miller- Local Client


one of my clients that I train locally in the gym, Colby Miller (IG: @colbyyd)

Starting weight was 181lbs & is currently 160lbs.
SO proud of you. Your consistency, hard work, & self motivation are more than I could ask for in a client! So happy that I get to be apart of your journey.
testimonial from @colbyyd :
“I never struggled with weight growing up or while I was in school. Worked out on the regular & ate what I wanted and always stayed around the 130 mark. When I got my first full time job, I started slacking on working out & having a desk job kept me even more stationary than I had been before. I started putting on a few pounds here and there but didn’t worry too much. Then found myself up in the 150’s. Although I didn’t like it, I really didn’t have the motivation to change it. So I gained more & more, then 3 years later found myself at 181 pounds! I was so self conscious about my weight and felt really terrible. I didn’t feel like myself & was completely uncomfortable in my own skin, so I decided it was time to do something about it. I joined a gym & tried to eat better but I only stuck with it for maybe a month at a time before stopping for a while & trying to restart again. I would lose a few pounds & start slacking instead of working harder. I couldn’t find the motivation to keep going. In March this year my boyfriend of 5 years left for the military & I decided it was time to make some changes with my weight while he was gone. I finally found some motivation. In the beginning it was hard, and I had some setbacks. But around May I made the decision that nothing was going to stop me and it hasn’t. I started working out with Dalis at workout anytime & took small steps to change my eating habits. Just last week I weighed in at 160lbs! That’s the smallest I’ve been in at least a year. Dalis kicks my butt every time we work out but always keeps me motivated! I finally feel proud of what I’ve accomplished and I can’t wait to lose the next 20! I couldn’t have done it on my own & I’m so thankful for all Dalis’ help along the way!”


one of my online clients, Lindzie Taylor. (IG: @lindzietaylor)

Starting weight was 140lbs & is currently 126lbs.
SO proud of you. You have showed that with consistency, you don’t have to be perfect. You allow yourself to have fun & splurge, but you have always stayed 100% about your workouts. Flexibility is a hard thing to grasp for many people and you are a perfect example of it… which is very encouraging for those who want to see results while still “living life” normally. I love the friendship we have created & I look forward to watching you progress and continuing your fitness journey!
testimonial from @lindzietaylor :
“Without your help, I would not have been able to jumpstart my new life. A few years back, I became very depressed & didn’t care about myself anymore.. I let myself completely go. I was 116LBS, all muscle & in my time of mental abuse, stress, negativity and hurt, I gained 13LBS. I would gradually start working out .. Then stop, start and stop. I tried a personal trainer at a local gym in my area and he was very dedicated to help me. Sadly, I wasn’t able to keep up with the schedule and dieting with working 3 jobs. It wasn’t affordable anymore.. I just didn’t have the time that the gym was open to help me. I then tried Shakeology & P90 from Tony Horton. There’s something very boring about watching a DVD and trying to excessive alone in your living room so again, I gave up. I came across Dalis and took the initiative to contact her. She explained to me what hedbalife products were and offered free training! She emailed me a training program specifically for my goals and needs. With her help, I lost 14 LBS in 3 months, I’m down to 126LBS!! I just recently started my cross fit journey at a local business but I keep in touch and get advice from Dalis almost every week. I’ve lost the weight I wanted, now it’s time to build muscle and live my dream in this journey. Thank you so much Dalis as I WOULD NOT have been to be where I am today, without you help and undivided attention ❤️”