Ab Blaster Shoot- BTS

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Arnold Classic


I was blessed with an AMAZING opportunity this past weekend. Muscle Sport invited me to go and represent them, as well as a few other athletes, at the Arnold Classic. I worked at the booth Friday-Sunday from 7:45am-6pm! The hours were long (especially because our energy had to stay up beat the entire time) but I would do it over and over again if I could! I met SO many amazing and influential people, as well as many people who have followed me and my workout journey over the years.

Whenever someone would come up to me and ask for a picture, tell me how long they’ve been following me, and tell me how much they love my inspirational posts and/or videos.. it was hard not to tear up. I am extremely blessed to reach so many people and help encourage others to love themselves entirely. People say that I motivate them, but what you all don’t know is that you motivate ME every single day.

P.S. Whenever you purchase from Muscle Sport, make sure you use my discount code for 30% off your order! “Dalis30”

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TRD Photography

Ricky Davis is the man behind TRD Photography! He & I have shot together many times and always capture new & “different” material! He has such an awesome imagination. It’s often that when I hear his ideas, my mind is blown at how authentic he is. He never strays away from his style and has remained real through out his career.


We were given the opportunity to work together for the Ahimsa Clothing look book, which might have been my favorite location to shoot yet! One of my favorite images in my portfolio was taken at that shoot. Incredible moment he captured. That horse was a natural, haha!

Ricky & I will continue to collaborate and get some killer content! I always look forward to working with him. Very professional and easy going. He is based out of Cleveland, Tennessee but does travel to shoot as well! I highly recommend him for any type of shoot you are looking to do!

Check out his work by clicking on the links below!

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  3. Instagram


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Rick Taylor Photography

I cannot say enough nice things about Rick! He is not only an incredible photographer, but an incredible human being! He has been through hell & back the last few years and still has the heart to make sure OTHERS are always smiling and happy. His character is definitely something to admire.

He is amazing at what he does, as you can clearly see when looking at his work (Slideshow below show cases a few shots from the last 2 times we worked together). You can always count on him to be professional and prepared. One of my favorite things about shooting with Rick is that if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable or shy to start off with, it won’t last long because he is SO encouraging and never fails to make you feel SO beautiful and confident.

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He is based out of Huntsville, Alabama but does travel for shoots. I highly recommend him for any type of photoshoot! Whether it be someone just starting their portfolio, or a well-known company shooting for their brand.

Check out his work on the links below!

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram

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