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PopActive Purple Pattern


2-piece set from Poprageous‘ active line Popactive .

I went back on the website so I could give the direct links to top and bottom piece, but I couldn’t find either one. I hope they bring the sets back in this pattern, because it is one of my favorites!

Their sets are SO comfortable. The leggings are definitely in the top 5  most comfortable I’ve ever worn!

If you love this 2-piece set, check out my recent post about the other one I got from Popactive!




Red Roses Dream


From the Popactive line of Poprageous

I LOVE wearing bright, colorful prints when I’m working out or going on a run. I feel like it’s one of the only acceptable times to wear wild, stand out leggings or matching sets, haha. I still get crazy looks from people who don’t agree with that 😉

This set is the “red roses dream” set. The top and leggings are sold separately, so I attached the link to both pieces.img_4433

LushFox Midi Dress


I discovered Lush Fox on Instagram a few months ago and have been in love with their shop ever since! All of the clothes I’ve bought from there are comfortable, good quality, and affordable (I got this dress on sale).

I LOVE this Coral Pink “Catlina Midi” dress, but it is a little more revealing than I thought it would be. I don’t think I could ever feel comfortable showing that much side boob in public.. but more power to those who could! haha

This dress is still on sale for $29!  Even if you’re like me and not comfortable revealing that much side boob, but you are smaller in the bust area, I think this would look amazing on you!

On Sale: Catlina Midi Dress


Keep Choosing Colors


I will never let someone take away my colors. There will be people along the way that try to dull your shine & change your world to black and white. Why? because they are choosing to live in the black & white world, jealous that you are strong enough to choose to see the world in colors. Keep choosing the higher route. Keep choosing happiness. Keeping choosing colors.

Outfit Details:


Spring Crop Top/Jeans

IMG_2003 IMG_2016

I am all about crop tops and high waisted jeans! This adorable spring crop top and light high waisted jeans are both from “Pacsun”! The heels are “Bamboo”.