After Only 4 Weeks

it’s not just about losing weight for your “outward appearance”.. it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle. to me, a healthy lifestyle means having not only a healthy physical body, but having a healthy mind as well.

once you start learning to love yourself, positive results will follow.

4 weeks into using my Five2Fit guide, @ebecker22 has not only seen an incredible physical transformation, but has also learned to love taking care of her health.. which is what it’s all about!

she has lost 18lbs total.. 15lbs since she started my guide.

Elizabeth, you look INCREDIBLE. I am SO proud of you. You have no idea how many girls you’re going to inspire by just showing that if you stop giving up, you WILL get there. Keep kicking *ss beautiful!!!!

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4 weeks in

@chrissyymarieexo posted this in the #FITsationNation Facebook support group!

“Since I post my first picture I want to show u all the difference .. From drinking soda everyday, I cut down for only just on weekend, I drink 3 bottle of water EVERYDAY and eating better and doing workout .. It’s only been 4 weeks but this make me excited and I can’t wait to see how it look in another next 4 weeks”

just 4 weeks on the program! way to go girlfrannn! keep it up!!!

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