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12-Week Video Series

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Video Series

  • includes FULL workout videos to follow along to.
  • 4 workouts per week that require ZERO equipment and take LESS than 30 minutes.
  • The workouts are designed for those who want to lose weight, tone up, or just improve their overall health.
  • Workout videos will be sent one by one through out your journey. The point of this strategy is to keep giving you a daily reminder, which will help you stay on track and be more motivated through out the process.
  • Dalis will be doing the workouts as you follow along with her, as if she is training you.
  • Be sure to provide your correct email address, because that is where all of the workouts and uplifting messages will be sent through out the 12 weeks.
  • If you have not received the introductory video along with your first workout video, within 24 hours of purchasing.. try checking your spam folder

Reef Boutique

okay so not only is this dress from Reef Boutique (IG: @reefboutiquecollegetown) adorable/comfy/perfect for summertime, but I HAVE to brag on the company really quick.
the dress that I had originally picked out got stolen from my front porch when it had been delivered (because I made a dumb mistake & forgot to make sure someone had to sign for the package). this was obviously not Reef Boutique’s mistake or problem at all.. But they were SO sweet when I told them & they sent me this dress! You can’t get better service than that.
check out their adorable boutique! everything is SO cute!