12-Week Video Series

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Video Series

  • includes FULL workout videos to follow along to.
  • 4 workouts per week that require ZERO equipment and take LESS than 30 minutes.
  • The workouts are designed for those who want to lose weight, tone up, or just improve their overall health.
  • Workout videos will be sent one by one through out your journey. The point of this strategy is to keep giving you a daily reminder, which will help you stay on track and be more motivated through out the process.
  • Dalis will be doing the workouts as you follow along with her, as if she is training you.
  • Be sure to provide your correct email address, because that is where all of the workouts and uplifting messages will be sent through out the 12 weeks.
  • If you have not received the introductory video along with your first workout video, within 24 hours of purchasing.. try checking your spam folder

PopActive Purple Pattern


2-piece set from Poprageous‘ active line Popactive .

I went back on the website so I could give the direct links to top and bottom piece, but I couldn’t find either one. I hope they bring the sets back in this pattern, because it is one of my favorites!

Their sets are SO comfortable. The leggings are definitely in the top 5  most comfortable I’ve ever worn!

If you love this 2-piece set, check out my recent post about the other one I got from Popactive!



Kindness is cool

if you ever come across someone that feels the need to body shame others, please be aware of the fact that they are actually the one who feels ashamed of their own body. they can say they aren’t jealous of whomever it is they were degrading or that they aren’t envious at all… but in order to have THAT intense of a feeling to where they feel it’s necessary to shame someone else, there is something wrong deep down.
who are they to say what is “beautiful” or “attractive”?!
what’s beautiful is that each of us are blessed to be alive right now.
what’s beautiful is that each of us are blessed with so many unique qualities, gifts, quirks, & passions.
what’s beautiful is someone that is truly happy and unapologetic about who they are.
my muscle freak you out? you think I look like a man? or that I’m too skinny? too ugly?
well guess what baby doll, my ugly skinny muscular self still thinks that you are amazing just the way you are.. despite what you think about me.
kindness is kooooooool y’all! how awesome would our world be if everyone realized how k0o0ol kindness is!
Dress is from HelloMollyFashion

LushFox Midi Dress


I discovered Lush Fox on Instagram a few months ago and have been in love with their shop ever since! All of the clothes I’ve bought from there are comfortable, good quality, and affordable (I got this dress on sale).

I LOVE this Coral Pink “Catlina Midi” dress, but it is a little more revealing than I thought it would be. I don’t think I could ever feel comfortable showing that much side boob in public.. but more power to those who could! haha

This dress is still on sale for $29!  Even if you’re like me and not comfortable revealing that much side boob, but you are smaller in the bust area, I think this would look amazing on you!

On Sale: Catlina Midi Dress


Arnold Classic


I was blessed with an AMAZING opportunity this past weekend. Muscle Sport invited me to go and represent them, as well as a few other athletes, at the Arnold Classic. I worked at the booth Friday-Sunday from 7:45am-6pm! The hours were long (especially because our energy had to stay up beat the entire time) but I would do it over and over again if I could! I met SO many amazing and influential people, as well as many people who have followed me and my workout journey over the years.

Whenever someone would come up to me and ask for a picture, tell me how long they’ve been following me, and tell me how much they love my inspirational posts and/or videos.. it was hard not to tear up. I am extremely blessed to reach so many people and help encourage others to love themselves entirely. People say that I motivate them, but what you all don’t know is that you motivate ME every single day.

P.S. Whenever you purchase from Muscle Sport, make sure you use my discount code for 30% off your order! “Dalis30”

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Seasonal FabFitFun Box is in!

FabFitFun never fails to include awesome items in their seasonal boxes!

The best thing about all FabFitFun boxes are that they always include FULL size products that you will actually want/enjoy.
for $10 off, use my code “DALIS” when you purchase!

Comment below if you want me to do a product review on any of the items!


Items in Box:

  • Organic Valley Protein Shake
  • $25 Giftcard for shoptiques.com
  • Pink Fitness Jump Rope
  • Zoya Nail Polish- Color “Avril”
  • Tibetan Goji Berry Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Serum
  • Gorge Leave-In Conditioner
  • Frends Head Phones
  • WrenStudio 14K Gold Dipped Heart Pendant Necklace